Our Story

Dan Le is a self taught and creatively driven cinematographer based in the Seattle area. Dan’s first dabbling in cinematography stemmed from his love of snowboarding. He first began filming snowboarding outtakes for himself and his friends. He took great pains to capture the proper angles, and after putting an artistic touch to the footage through editing and the use of music as a background component, it was evident to all that Dan had a very distinct talent.  In July 2012, with the encouragement of his fiancee Helena, Dan founded Sinematiks, LLC (pronounced cinematics) to put his talent to use for a wider audience. Dan’s first event with Sinematiks was at Formula Drift Round 5 in Monroe, WA. The videos from that and later automotive exhibitions have and continue to be widely viewed around the world through video streaming. He has also professionally filmed weddings and has since expanded into producing commercials for a variety of businesses.

Unlike many other cinematographers, Dan enhances his filming with the use of mainly prime lenses. He favors prime lenses not only for their superior sharpness, contrast and speed, but also for the thought and planning required to use them since prime lens have no zoom capabilities. This style of filming is more difficult and time-consuming but the result is superior image quality, something Sinematiks is quickly becoming known and respected for.

Dan takes great pride in his work and will continue to grow Sinematiks through a variety of avenues. He enjoys working with diverse businesses and organizations to help define them and market them to the community at large, and he has the ability to work within budgets of all sizes. Documentaries are something Dan aspires to produce as well.